Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CBC: N.B. Grits pushing McKenna to replace Dion

Trust me, it's not just New Brunswickers.

N.B. Grits pushing McKenna to replace Dion

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Brunswick Liberals are already trying to draft former premier Frank McKenna to seek the federal Liberal leadership now that Stéphane Dion has announced he will step down.

Ever since the Liberals posted the party's near historic low in popular support in last Tuesday's election, pressure has mounted on Dion to resign as leader. McKenna's name is swirling as a possible leadership candidate for the convention expected next May.

Business New Brunswick Minister Greg Byrne was with McKenna at a conference just two weeks ago and says even then, the former premier was being approached by many people who encouraged him to run.

Byrne said McKenna's strengths are clear to everyone if he chose to run for the leadership.

"He's very dynamic, very charismatic, he understands the issues facing the country, and I'm sure he's getting numerous phone calls," Byrne said.

McKenna is the deputy chairman of TD Bank Financial Group and keeps an active agenda that has recently included delivering humanitarian aid with actor Matt Damon to storm-ravaged Haitians. Next month, he will host an event in Moncton with former U.S. president Bill Clinton on the global economy. [...]

But Fundy-Royal Conservative MP Rob Moore, whose riding includes McKenna's hometown of Apohaqui, disagrees with the assessment that the former premier is a conservative.

"I don't know who's ever made that assertion but McKenna was anything but conservative in New Brunswick," Moore said.

Moore says McKenna centralized decision-making on education, health and municipal mergers — and that means he's no conservative. And he says he's ready to tell the country that if McKenna becomes Liberal leader.

McKenna isn't the only New Brunswicker being touted as a potential successor to Dion. Beauséjour MP Dominic LeBlanc's name has been bandied about in recent weeks and he has said he will be active in rebuilding the party.

Other potential leadership aspirants include Bob Rae, Michael Ignatieff and Gerard Kennedy, who all represent Toronto ridings.


Maurice said...
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Frank4PM said...

Thanks Maurice. We are getting a lot of comments from people who echo your comments. We deleted your comment so your personal information is not left out there for the web. We've noted your contact info. Please feel free to email us at frank4PM@yahoo.ca.

burlivespipe said...

At this early stage, you can count me in too. I was a Rae delegate at the last convention, but believe a McKenna-led Liberal party would be able to bring back the centre coalition.

Frank4PM said...

burlivespipe, could you send me an email with your contact information and I will add you to the growing list.

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