Monday, October 20, 2008

From across the country: We want McKenna

From across the country, more and more voices are asking Frank McKenna to run for the federal Liberal Party and become Canada's next Prime Minister.

From the West:

Time for Grits to draft McKenna
Edmonton Sun
Sat, October 18, 2008

[...] But Liberals shouldn't kid themselves. There is no quick and easy solution to their woes. Of the names being bandied about, several are problematic. A couple are ludicrous. [...]

Frank McKenna: McKenna is decent as the day is long, a straight talker, fluently bilingual, and possessed of one of the best political and business records this country has ever seen. This is the guy with the best chance of bringing it home for [the Liberals], should he choose to run.

To the East:

Support for McKenna swells

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A senior Liberal said Friday that an increasing number of high-ranking party members are ready to throw their weight behind Frank McKenna if the former New Brunswick premier makes a run at the leadership.

"Frank's candidacy would be a game-changer,'' the senior MP said, asking to remain anonymous. "It would change the landscape immediately. There is nobody else who has the capacity to win the leadership race, raise the money that we need and turn the party around

"This guy can beat Stephen Harper. There is no doubt."

Especially in the East, where they know him best.

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