Friday, October 17, 2008

Dion to speak on Monday

Looks like it all starts sooner than we might have expected.
Meet The Press

For Immediate Release
October 17, 2008

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion to hold a press conference in Ottawa

Date: Monday, October 20, 2008
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: National Press Theatre, 150 Wellington, Ottawa, Ontario


Steve V said...

Yes, that's what the party needs, a washed up banker, who's bored and wants something to do.

Count me in.

Anonymous said...

What makes him washed up? He is thriving in his work and did a fantastic job promoting Canada as Ambassador.

He is the perfect centrist. Not an interloper washout socialist failure like Rae or an interloper washout academic with no political skills like Iggy or a university dropout like Kennedy.

Steve V said...

Atrocious French and anti-abortion. Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

... compared to nearly bankrupting the province and only getting your party membership after you start campaigning for leadership, or tripping over your own tongue more times than the number of years you've lived in the country? No, I'll take the guy who defended public health care against a private health clinic at a time when all other Liberal leaders - Trudeau, Chretien, Turner, Martin - all opposed abortion.

I'm surprised you support private health care Steve V.

Steve V said...

Nice attempt at BAD spin. This site will be a real winner!!

See ya.

Frank4PM said...

Well, Trudeau, Chretien, Martin, Turner, etc. all opposed abortion back then so why don't we do this: rather than start bashing each other - bashing anonymously too I might add - let's first wait to see if McKenna runs. I would think him merely running is an absolute positive from everyone's point of view.

And then, if he decides to run, let's - hold on now for a radical suggestion - ask him.

Certainly, Liberals from all sides of the party have supported Trudeau and Chretien despite also being Catholic and anti-abortion, and they were great leaders.

So let's wait and actually find out, shall we?

Anonymous said...

Acadien is a little different that Joual. Neither is 'atrocious'...sigh, if people in Toronto complained about the English spoken in immigrant-owned corner stores at the same rate that 'pur-laine' Quebecois complain about mangled French, it would be a racist outrage.

The anti-abortion thing is a problem, but hopefully Frank realizes that personal beliefs don't always make for good public policy.

Andrew said...

I wish I could be as washed up as him.

i don't know about you, but I'll take a well spoken, bilingual, washed up banker/politician with a proven fiscal prowess, executive (political and business) and foreign experience who has the best chance of uniting a fractured party, who gives us the best chance of beating Harper.

James Curran said...

Dear Red, I mean Frank4PM, it is excellentt to see Dion beating the only, I mean oraginizin, er I mean suggested candidates, Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff.

Yes, Dion could survive a leadership review and yes he is getting some bad advice right now.

Anonymous said...

Steve V,

McKenna will NEVER be a washed up anything. He's much too shrewd for that.

IF he decides to run, it will be because he has checked out all the angles and has concluded that he has the best chance of winning.

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