Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why we need Frank McKenna

You'll be hearing his name a heck of a lot more in the next weeks and months. If The Honourable Frank McKenna wants to run for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, he will have a large outpouring of support, from all regions of the country, from all sects of the party.

With Frank McKenna, we would have a proven and succesful leader, a true Liberal, solid experience in community leadership and politics and diplomacy and business, a patriotic Canadian, a proven poverty fighter, a genuine moderate who would govern from the centre, someone every Canadian could be proud of and who will command respect in the world, across Canada and from every demographic.
  • Real and proven leadership
  • Successful self-made career in law
  • the most successful and accomplished Premier in New Brunswick
  • Chair of CanWest
  • Vice-Chair of TD Bank
  • Ambassador of Canada to the United States
  • lifelong resident of Canada and member of the Liberal Party
  • bilingual former Premier of Canada's only bilingual province
  • not from Toronto
  • recognized, respected, electible
  • demonstrable experience as both a progressive liberal and a job-creating, budget balancing centrist - the genuine classic Liberal Brand, not just a marketing strategy
  • successful and respected leader in business and finance in a time when we need experience in troubled economy - unlike Harper, he's been out there leading and doing, not just studying from an ideological playbook

More and more and more to come.

For a brief bio, see here.


AtlanticJim said...

Sickening nation?

Go crawl back under your rock.

Frank4PM said...

As in "ailing".

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