Friday, October 17, 2008

Already, we get noticed!

Not bad.

We've been up and running for two days now and already we've gotten some attention from some fairly high profile sources.

Warren Kinsella thinks we're crazy and should probably cool our heals for a bit out of respect for St├ęphane Dion. We agree, almost, and it is the almost part that drove us to get up and running as quickly as possible to try to encourge Frank to run. We'll explain more later. Feel free to vote for Warren in the poll on the sidebar; he is now well ahead of everyone.

We've been noticed by and by Stephen Taylor as well.

For those interested, leave us a comment or send us an email at For those casting about to gauge the interest, I have already had dozens of emails expressing a passion, a real drive to see Frank McKenna as leader. I'm a nobody, but I do want to hook these folks up to the right person if there is a right person out there.

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