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Canada ‘ punching below’ its weight in aid — McKenna
Canada has fallen behind too many other nations in providing aid to developing countries, Frank McKenna says. "I would like to see us stop punching below our weight," the former Liberal premier of New Brunswick and Canadian ambassador to the United States told a Halifax dinner Wednesday night. Mr. McKenna said Canada dedicates only 0.28 per cent of its budget to helping developing countries. "That’s half of what we gave in the early 1990s," he said at a benefit dinner for the Coady International Institute in Antigonish... [Read More]
Canada should be 'strutting our stuff' and helping the poor: McKenna
Canada needs to do more to help out the poorest nations of the world, according to an impassioned Frank McKenna. “I’d like to see us stop punching below our weight,” he told a crowd of hundreds at the Westin Hotel in Halifax last night... [Read More]
McKenna lauds city for its First Steps efforts
The city's First Steps Housing Project fulfills a "very important societal objective" in offering single parents a chance to raise their children in a healthy environment, says Frank McKenna, deputy chairman of TD Bank Financial Group. "This is an example of a community taking control of a very important social issue," McKenna, a former premier of New Brunswick, said Monday. "It's a very, very profound social problem that's extremely hard to deal with and it requires a sophisticated network of support in order to break the cycle." ... [Read More]
Poor priorities
CANADA is stingy. Frank McKenna didn’t put it quite so bluntly at a recent benefit dinner for St. F.X.’s Coady International Institute, which educates community development leaders from around the globe. But you could catch his drift on the subject of Ottawa’s lack of commitment to foreign aid... [Read More]
Harper has a future; Dion's history
Liberal MPs Bob Rae and Michel Ignatieff, both of whom held their seats, will be
the names on Liberal lips as contenders again. But no one should rule out the
return of former deputy prime minister John Manley, or
former New Brunswick
premier Frank McKenna
, either of whom could win the leadership while taking the party back toward the centre of the political spectrum... [
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Liberals need to find a cure for Stelmach Syndrome
The Liberals, coming from an opposition place, need to choose much more carefully if they ever hope to call Ottawa their own once again. No more doubtful and divisive candidates like Michael Ignatieff, guilty of being an intellectual with no political experience, or Bob Rae, whose history as Ontario premier sharply split his support. The Liberals need a new leader -- John Manley, Brian Tobin, Frank McKenna -- someone who doesn't have to come up the middle, as Dion did, to win the leadership... [Read More]
Development Financial crisis won't make mortgages hard to get in city, says top bank executive
The worldwide financial crisis won't mean that mortgages to buy homes in the city will be hard to get, says former New Brunswick premier and top bank executive Frank McKenna... [Read More]
'Father' of N.B. call centre industry proud of record
Former premier Frank McKenna says he's proud to see the call centre industry provide jobs to thousands of New Brunswickers more than 15 years after he first lured one to the province. With 17 per cent unemployment in the early 1990s, jobs were needed, he told a packed audience at the Delta Fredericton Hotel. Contact Atlantic, a regional conference on the call centre industry, was held Wednesday in the capital. McKenna, who was greeted as the "father" of the New Brunswick industry, said he remembers the criticism well when he first brought 50 call centre jobs to New Brunswick. "They said that these were just big companies looking for a government handout and that they and their jobs would be gone in no time." But 15 years later there are more than 21,000 New Brunswickers employed in the industry, which is injecting more than $1 billion into the provincial economy. "I think we did a pretty good job," McKenna told the crowd... [Read More]
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