Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Miramichi Leader: Is time right for McKenna?

From the Miramichi Leader, just like a lot of small local publications across the country:

[...] And the call for a replacement has already been made and it is no surprise that Frank McKenna's name is on the list.

The former premier of New Brunswick and Ambassador to the United States has been courted to take the job before but he refused.

We wonder if he will take on the challenge now. Is the time right?

Many feel McKenna has the right stuff to bring to the job. He's charismatic, he has proven leadership qualities and he's a very popular guy. He is not only a star on the national stage but on the international one as well. [...]

It would be nice to see a NB person in the role as leader whether it be McKenna or LeBlanc.

It's not to say that Dion did not have good ideas to help the country but it was his delivery of the ideas that seemed to be his downfall. He just couldn't get the message out to the people.

We say the Liberals need to get back on track. We need a strong Opposition party in the House of Commons. Someone has to be there to challenge the government on issues.

It is now time for rebuilding. We say bring on a leadership convention and get the federal Liberal party back on track now.

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